Amanda Bynes is firing up some attention

In hollywood it seems like many stars are more recognized for their “wild ways” rather than for their work. Recently, Amanda Bynes has been the latest actress to make headlines regarding her behaviour. Earlier in the year Bynes was arrested for driving under the influence. After her short stint in jail, Amanda has been involved in 5 car accidents and has been caught driving with a suspended license. She has been seen partying till the early morning and is also being charged with two hit and runs which could put her in jail for a year. All this seems to have no affect on Bynes as pictures of her smoking marijuana while driving surfaced just the other day. It seems strange that she would do something this drastic given all her current legal problems. She certainly knows that paparazzi are following her every move and that anything she does will end up in the news. You can’t help but question the motives behind her actions.

Amanda Bynes has been in the public eye from a very young age and is known for her comedic roles in several movies and television shows. She has always made headlines but usually its been for her work and not her personal issues. Before all this legal trouble it seemed like she had avoided going down the same path as some of her fellow childhood stars. Having not worked for two years this maybe Bynes’ way of getting back media attention. She seems to be embracing all the current attention and asking for more of it. She tweeted Barack Obama to fire the cop that arrested her. Twitter, having millions of users, is no place to be displaying legal problems, especially if you are a celebrity. You also do not ask the President of the United States, who has many bigger issues, something so ridiculous for the public to see.

Many celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Charlie Sheen, have been in altercations with the law which garnered them massive amounts of media attention. After this they made a “comeback” which helped their career more than anything. This could be what Bynes and her PR team have in mind. I am not saying that this is her intention but it is a possibility. If she overcomes this mess and gets her life/career back on track the public will respect her again. She will regain her reputation and many people’s opinions about her will change for the better. She will also always be watched much more closely since all this has happened, which could benefit whatever jobs she decides to take on. Her next project will probably be watched by many just for the sole reason that she is starring in it. The public may not be interested in the actual production but will watch to see how she handles her first role post this ordeal. Many film and television companies know this and will try to get Amanda for a role so they can make a good amount of money off her. Bynes will also be offered multiple interview deals and magazine spreads which she will be able to demand a large paycheque for. Whatever her reasoning is lets just hope Amanda gets her act together fast.

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